MOST IMPORTANT Things to do Before Listing Your Home

Selling a home can be stressful, you are faced with many decisions to ensure you get top dollar for your home. Small changes can go along way and NO it is not always necessary to rip out a wall or DIY your entire space. 

The #1 recommendation is DECLUTTER! 

When you have too much stuff, it can feel like your home is crowded and not as spacious. When deciding what to keep or get rid of there are a few considerations that may help make the process easier for yourself:  Are these items useful? If so then donate them; if not store them in an external location such as storage units where they won’t take up any more space than necessary (but will still provide peace). You could also sell unwanted goods at garage sales which would give back some cash flow!

#2 CLEAN! (Dust, glass windows and doors, and blinds)

Although this may seem obvious, dust gets everywhere so do not forget to clean from the ceiling fan to the mantle AND the baseboards. Do not forget about light switches, cabinets and door handles. Nothing is more welcoming than a pristine home. PS it is okay to hire a professional here this will go a long way and yes your amazing realtor should be able to recommend someone awesome if you need them to!

#3 Make your house smell good

Scents can subconsciously be a deal breaker. Yes most of this should be taken care of with the deep clean but I recommend removing that dog couch, putting in wall plug ins, finding a wonderful candle or if you really want to welcome buyers, bake some cookies before the showing.

#4 Re-paint trim and door frames!

This part of your home gets the most amount of wear and tear. Buy a gallon of paint and take a couple hours one evening and touch up all the worn down places. This will make your home look brighter and brand new.

#5 Add the finishing touches before a showing or open house

Open all the blinds, turn on all the lights, add some fresh flowers, make sure the pantry and garage are straightened up and you are headed towards making TOP DOLLAR on your home.